Sex in the Surf "Taking the Plunge"

Taking the Plunge

Sitting here on a Friday night scoping out potential love interests on a dating site. What am I thinking? My blood pressure has risen and I am questioning my sanity at this point. Some just want to be friends, hmmm. Many want to date, but nothing serious. Does that mean ya get dinner and sex? There are many looking for relationships and some want marriage.  Eeeeek! 

I am 49 years old and have taken the plunge to find my Mr. Right, not my Mr. right now. I have had plenty of those thanks. (wink wink)  Benicio Del Toro if you are reading this, come and save me!! 

Any dating advice ya wanna give me?  Please chime in and wish me luck!!



As I am ready to turn another year older tomorrow, I find it’s self reflection time!

I stepped on the scale this morning not knowing what I would see. A weight gain, a stagnant weight or a weight loss. To my surprise, I lost another 1.5 pounds, for a total of a 21 pound loss since August 27th of last year. Keto has definitely become my lifestyle now and I am very thankful for all that I have.

I have three amazing children whom I adore. My friends and family in Seattle (and elsewhere), I love you very much. My people in Cali, love you!

Eleven years ago I met a group of guys who took me under their wing and made gigging with them so comfortable. Definitely a group of guys I will never forget. I have since been in several bands and met many wonderful people who have touched my life in a great way and I am so very thankful for that. You know who you are!!

Going forward in this new year, I will continue to appreciate every day as it is a gift. I will continue to appreciate whomever comes into my life and whomever must leave.

Last but not least, I am very thankful for my parents as I am a perfect combination of them both. I can get up early and stay up late, I can create art and I can balance a checkbook. I am very thankful for the home that I was raised in and the time.

Love you all and thank you! You Rock!!